zyon-impactxThe ZYON™ is a full frame sunglass designed for the highest level of performance. This sculptural piece incorporates all the Rudy Project core features for unsurpassed protection, superior optical ratings and unbelievable comfort: ultra-light Grilamid® chassis,QuickChange™ interchangeable lenses, Ergo3Max™ fully adjustable nosepiece and 360° adjustable temple tips in hypoallergenic Megol®. Most of all, the Zyon™ comes standard with proprietary patented side shields moulded in a special polymer which will ensure side protection against harmful sun rays, glare or debris. Engineered for intense sports, ideal for beach, water or mountain activities,the shields are also removable for everyday use. The Zyon™ is prescription-ready, either direct or with our ‘easy-in-easy-out‘ patented RX insert. Mounted with our new revolutionary Photochromic Clear ImpactX™ lenses, the Zyon™ will ensure unparalleled wraparound protection and enhanced visual clarity for any performance, at any climatic condition.


karboneyeRudy Project presents KarbonEye: the world’s first sports eyewear made from carbon and Kynetium. KarbonEye is the result of 20 long years of research and is sure to surprise athletes all over the planet. KarbonEye comes equipped with arms made of carbon, an extremely light material, and Kynetium, a magnesium, silicium and titanium alloy provides lightness (Mg), strength (Ti) and elasticity (Si) to the frame. KarbonEye also includes new photochromic shield lenses in order to guarantee perfect vision in any atmospheric condition and flexibility never before available. With its captivating and ultra-modern design, KarbonEye is also distinguished by the insertion of the new Ergo IV nose pad, making the model even more secure and comfortable. Finally, those with vision problems can apply their own lenses using the attached rubber clip-on that can be inserted without screws. This model is available with the revolutionary ImpactXTM Photochromic lenses in two colors: black carbon and white carbon.


syluro-impactxThe culmination of 20 years in the eyewear business, our latest generation of performance products brings speed, design and functionality to the highest level of comfort. By blending innovation, technology, art and ergonomic science seamlessly, the SYLURO™ fits perfectly around the human head and offers unsurpassed protection. Using Quick Change™ technology, lenses can be swapped easily to manage any light condition. A revolutionary application of CarboGrilamid® moulded in a proprietary plate anchored to the frame has allowed phenomenal strength, while insuring both flexibility and feather-light architecture Rudy Project state-of-the-art Ergonose 3™ adjustable nosepiece prevents fogging while offering durable comfort for those seeking for uncompromised performance. Evolving from temple construction of our best-seller Kerosene™, Megol® tips adjustability and side ventings have been reengineered for superior fit and increased stability. Need prescription? The SYLURO™ follows our commitment to the best RX sports eyewear on Earth and uses our ‘easy-in easy-out‘ patented optical insert. RPOptics™ or optional revolutionary Polarized Photochromic ImpactX™ lenses guarantee wide peripheral protection and stunning clarity. A new star is born.


rydon-i-i-impactxWe have reengineered our Rydon™ profile with a smaller eyeshape for reduced geometric wraparound. Loaded with all rydon features, the RYDON II™ offers a sleek and comfortable look for performance seekers with smaller faces. Unifying seamlessly advanced design technology and materials science, the Rydon II™ blends cutting-edge ergonomic features with advanced materials to create a super-lightweight, versatile, high performance, yet elegant sunglass.


suncreek-impactxOutstanding facial wrap, fit and attitude are keywords for this superb frame. Mounted with high-precision RP Optics™lenses and forged with lightweight Grilamid® the SUNCREEK™ will insure stunning clarity, protection and timeless elegance. Perfect for every day, its refined casual design will deploy stunning comfort for both Him and Her.


sky-major-impactxThe SKYMAJOR™ is a blend of our all new Gravity temple design mounted on a neo-classic chassis; loaded with Megol®-coated 360∞ adjustable temple tips and silicon nospads, spring hinges and unparalleled ImpactX™ Polarized Photochromic lenses, the SkyMajor™ will insure timeless elegance and outstanding fit for both Her and Him. When style meets function and comfort.


exowind-impactxThe new Exowind model is fashioned from a combination of the most advanced technology and the valuable collaboration of the best cyclists of Tour de France 2008 (where Rudy Project was awarded two jerseys: the green one with Freire and the polka-dotted one with Kohl). With a modern look and wraparound design, these sunglasses feature extraordinary Rudy Project technology: a new Ergo IV nose pad, interchangeable Quick Change(tm) lenses, essential for the optimal management of any lighting condition, and RX clip-on optical inserts that can be attached behind the lenses. Exowind sunglasses are distinguished by their strong personality that will please even the most demanding athletes and are available with the latest ImpactRX photochromic prescription lenses with anti-glare treatment incorporating the most advanced optical technology and a lifetime guarantee.


ketyum-impactxOur flagship product; the KETYUM™ represents the apex of Rudy Project passion, experience and technology. Years of research and development have allowed our engineers to develop the application of our revolutionary Kynetium™ alloy on an innovative optical platform with a combination of features never achieved before: phenomenal adjustability with 360°adaptable rubber-coated temple tips, advanced Ergonose™ll for a exceptional comfort and proprietary spring hinges integrated within the casting itself Ketyum™ reveals its superb craftmanship and lightweight architecture through a seamless integration of our unique metal blend with equalized Grilamid® and optical functional solutions such as our patented Quickinsert™ optical adapter. Interchangeable RP Optics® lens technology allow user-friendly light conditions management for uncompromised performance in any environment Ketyum™, the ultimate in Rudy Project design, engineering and performance.


exception-std-impactxAdjustable Nosepiece Total comfort.
No fog.
No slip Quick Change Interchangeable lenses system.


mastermind-impactxThe new MASTERMIND™ is the new sport-fashion reference for 2008. The sleek, sculptural design has been defined to provide distinctive attitude, enhanced comfort and unsurpassed protection. Features incorporate interchangeable high-clarity RPOptics® lenses and integrated adjustable nosepiece for smaller face or asian configurations. When style meets function and comfort.