Diving Books

Open water

Open Water Diver manual with metric RDP Table, Instructions For Use Booklet.


Padi Adventures in Diving Manual, Includes Data Carrier slate.


Padi Rescue Diver Manual, Includes Accident Management workslate.

Crewpack dive master

ncludes Divemaster manual, DM slates, Instructor manual, DSD Cue Card, Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving, Diving Knowledge Workbook, emblem, PADI decal, PADI decal, brochures, PADI Professional bag.

Dive master

Padi Divemaster Manual.

log book

Log book, including diver training record  3-ho;e punched to fit our log book binder.

knowledge work book


Nitrox table

pocket log russ

RDP Digital

Padi Electronic RDP, eRDPML. The Multilevel version of the Electronic RDP is here!

RDP Metric

Padi Metric RDP


Padi backbag