Ultra Dry

ultra-dryThe name says it all.
Designed to be exactly what its name suggests, the ULTRA DRY snorkel incorporates  Oceanic’s patented into an ultra-low profile product that is ergonomically designed for comfort and function. This technology creates a seal to virtually eliminate water entering the snorkel barrel, while achieving superior air flow performance on the surface.

Ultra Dry Mini

ultra-dry-miniPocket Snorkel
A good diver is always prepared.
For divers that dislike wearing a snorkel, but know that they should always be prepared, Oceanic provides an innovative solution. The Pocket Snorkel folds neatly and out of the way in your BC pocket when not in use.


Extra dry.
A patent pending deflector helps to keep the Arid as dry as a desert, even in waves and wind.


A breath of fresh air.
The Response Snorkel has a dual exhaust and a self-venting purge valve, which lets you clear the snorkel with just a puff of air.


No nonsense.
A Simple, straight forward, no-nonsense snorkel reminiscent of days gone by.