Women’s Lifestyle Sunglasses

BECKON Sunglasses

beckon-sunglassesWith chic oversized frames and major UV blockage, BECKON™ is the ideal shade for every adventure under the sun. Whether you’re off to an exotic beach or just a friend’s pool, these are the pair to wear when the rays are in full force. When coolness called, Oakley answered with BECKON.

ABANDON Sunglasses

abandon-sunglassesThe problem with creating a work of art is that you have to pick the perfect name for it. When we designed this handmade acetate frame, our fashion mavens distilled the streetwise style of our female sports stars. That’s why the name had to scream élan and capture all the spirit and spontaneity, all the verve and vitality, and all the confidence and originality our leading ladies bring to life. We realized those things simply mean living life with abandon, and that’s how we found the perfect name for this masterpiece.


correspondent-sunglassesA stylish piece for the jet set, CORRESPONDENT™ is a thoroughly modern take on the classic highbrow frame.
They’re part action sports athlete, part old school reporter, and all girl.
CORRESPONDENT knows how to tell a story in style.

Womens OAKLEY JUPITER Sunglasses

womens-oakley-jupiter-sunglassesOriginal style isn’t dead but it’s practically got cops drawing chalk lines around it. When was the last time you found shades that dialed in something real without flash or show? All it takes is some clean lines, a few angles with attitude and a whole lot of technology. Introducing OAKLEY JUPITER®, a pure approach to original style. This is how we spell authenticity. No exclamation point needed – just a smooth look with icon accents, sculptural detailing and metal bands for an assertive edge.

NECESSITY Sunglasses

necessity-sunglassesReady to go from work out to lunch out, NECESSITY™ is essential eyewear for the girl who wants it all.
The large square lenses are stylish without getting too trendy.
But don’t let the pretty face fool you’underneath the sculptural details, these are truly butt-kicking active glasses.


breathless-sunglassesIt’s not about keeping up with the world. It’s about the world keeping up with you, and we think your style should leave them breathless. That’s why we put some voluptuous curves in a look that oozes confidence. Lightweight C-5™ alloy is matched with stems of acetate to create a work of art that is meticulously hand assembled, hand polished and signed with metal icons.


oakley-discreet-sunglassesWe designed OAKLEY DISCREET™ to be seriously fun: a universally flattering shape with flirty details that really pop. Hammered “jewelry” at the hinge and vibrant interior graphics show off your playful side, while the 6-base square shape gracefully frames your face. These aren’t your mother’s sunglasses.


oakley-deception-sunglassesSleek and seductive, OAKLEY DECEPTION™ lets you hide out and stand out, all at the same time.
The distinctive shape and twist detail are the stars here, while the shield design gives you that “Who is she?” intrigue.
Truth be told: OAKLEY DECEPTION is for the bold.


miss-conduct-sunglassesFor the athlete who demands performance and plays by her own rules, Oakley offers up the audacious MISS CONDUCT™.
These rimless toric shield glasses not only look cool— they truly shield you from the elements.
MISS CONDUCT is so incredibly lightweight, it won’t even slow you down for a millisecond.

OAKLEY LIV Sunglasses

oakley-liv-sunglassesOAKLEY LIV incorporates flowing lines of movement into a seamless work of art.
That’s why we put some voluptuous curves in a look that oozes confidence.
Lightweight C-5™ alloy creates a masterpiece that is meticulously hand assembled and hand polished.


oakley-hinder-sunglassesWith a wink to the past and an eye on the future, OAKLEY HINDER™ is the cool new aviator for 2010.
A classic style reshaped for the next decade, OAKLEY HINDER’s iconic frame hinges with a subtly industrial twist that is any thing but ordinary. OAKLEY HINDER is designed to complement any girl’s style.


oakley-ravishing-sunglassesIf you’re looking for new territory in the fashion landscape, we’ve got something big, bold and beautiful that makes style a fresh discovery. Contours of lightweight O MATTER® give it self-assured sophistication with an eye on allure, and the uniquely feminine geometry comes with a Three-Point Fit that makes comfort an all-day affair.
OAKLEY RAVISHING™ sunglasses curve around your eyes to extend vision and improve protection. The PLUTONITE® lenses filter out all UV while the side curvature helps cover delicate skin, and impact protection meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. Clarity also beats ANSI standards because we use HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) for unmatched performance, worthy of a design that revels in originality.

OAKLEY DART Sunglasses

oakley-dart-sunglassesCrowning our exclusive collection for women, OAKLEY DART™ sunglasses are highlighted by the smooth contour of a single continuous lens. The crystal clarity of its wide peripheral view is possible only with HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). For all-day comfort, the frame takes advantage of lightweight C-5&trade alloy. Extended lens coverage helps protect eyes from the sun’s damaging light, and not a single ray of UV makes it through the optically pure PLUTONITE® lens material. The frame can also be customized with optional gradient lens shading.