proven-otg-mx-gogglesWe make gear for those who tend to pursue life at unsafe speeds. A lot of them were born with imperfect vision, as though Mother Nature knew they would run riot and tried to put the brakes on their adrenalin-fueled exploits. Nice try, mom. We engineered the PROVEN OTG™ MX GOGGLE to fit over most prescription eyewear frames, so two-wheeled gladiators with eyeglasses can enter the dirt arena and keep victory in focus.

MX L FRAME Goggles

mx-l-frame-gogglesWhen you’re pounding through the rhythm section and the track turns to fuzz, it’s because your contact lens has bailed. We designed the MX L FRAME™ to fit over your prescription glasses so you can leave the contacts in their case. These goggles include proven design features like flexible urethane construction, a non-slip silicone treated strap, triple-layer face foam with moisture wicking, and the clarity of an optically pure LEXAN® lens. It’s fully compatible with an ATFM half mask and the Oakley standard tearoff system (sold separately).

Ducati CROWBAR MX Goggles

ducati-crowbar-mx-gogglesWhen the greed for speed gets under your skin and crawls up your spine, you’ll appreciate the fact that we put this much technology in a goggle — and why it honors one of the most aggressive machines in the Ducati family. This elite version of Oakley’s CROWBAR® MX salutes the Ducati Hypermotard™, a bike that dominates every inch of asphalt with big-bore acceleration.

James Stewart Signature Series CROWBAR MX Goggles

james-stewart-signatureWhen he’s hammering out 20 laps on an unforgiving Supercross track, the last thing James Stewart wants to worry about is his vision. That’s why he wears the Oakley CROWBAR MX. For his Signature Series goggle, he chose a Gold Tribal finish and matched it with a clear LEXAN® lens that’s optimized with Oakley F2 anti-fog technology.
These goggles feature HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®) for unbeatable clarity, 100% UV filtering and impact protection that meets all ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938 standards. It comes with a removable rock guard for nose protection, plus a 7-pack of Oakley’s laminated tear-offs, the most optically advanced tear-off system on the planet. The frame is engineered with moisture-wicking triple layer fleece foam for a comfortable fit that keeps sweat in check. So whether he gets the holeshot or he’s coming through the pack, James has all the technology he needs to stay focused.


crowbar-mx-pro-frame-gogglesTo balance light transmission for the best vision in bright sunlight, we added Black IRIDIUM® lens coating to our renowned CROWBAR MX goggles. This Pro variant includes all the technologies that make CROWBAR the choice of top riders. Enhanced with triple-layer face foam to wick away sweat, the flexible O MATTER® frame is combined with optically pure LEXAN® that meets all ANSI Z87.1 and EN 1938 standards for impact protection. Specially designed strap outriggers offer the comfort of balanced pressure distribution, and silicone prevents the strap from sliding out of place. The nose guard is removable, and the goggle comes with the Oakley 7-pack laminated tearoff system, the most advanced tearoff system on the planet.

Troy Lee Signature Series CROWBAR MX Goggle

troy-lee-signatureFor more than 25 years, Troy Lee Designs® (TLD) has been customizing helmets for the world’s fastest racers. Oakley has been innovating goggles for just as long, giving legendary MX pros like Jeff Ward and Mark Barnett the ultimate in performance and protection. Both racers have had the honor of carrying Troy’s art on their helmets, and now you can get a taste of the same twisted brilliance on our premium CROWBAR® MX goggle.

H2O FRAME Goggles

h2o-frame-gogglesWhen your vision is sliced by reflected sun and slapped by eye-chapping spray, it’s good to know that Oakley’s H2O goggles are designed for a water world. A 25-year wave of technology has crested with an innovative design that offers enhanced peripheral and downward vision. Its perfect arc of scratch-resistant LEXAN® maintains precise clarity and stops UV and glare from flooding your retinas. Comfort is optimized with a lightweight architecture that features dual layer closed-cell face foam.