Twin Beam

twin-beamA special torch for every need

– Ultra bright light beam
– Very compact torch fits in the smallest BC pocket
– Securely sealed

Compact 2-in-1 LED Light Stick and Back-up torch in Hard Anodized Aluminium.
No matter whether you want to use it as a marker, a bright light stick for volume illumination, or as a compact beam torch, this is the right choice. The HD aluminum body is hard-anodized and therefore almost scratch proof. The safety leash makes sure that your 2-in-1 light-buddy never gets lost. Just Flash 2-in-1 bright.

Material: HD Aluminum bodySecurley Sealed

strobe-beamStrobe Beam

Compact 2-in-1 Strobe and LED Torch Unit. Super-effi cient LED Back-up Torch. 24 hours of lighting power. 3 AA batteries.

marker-beamMarker Beam

Marker Flashing Light Stick. Safety leash with stop. Flashing Function.
LR 44 batteries.

pro-led-beamPro-Led Beam

Extremely bright 3 W LED beam. Waterproof 100m. Switch with safety system. Anti slip insert. Powered by 4 LR14 betteries. 20 hours of burn time.