Pro Flex

pro-flexJoin comfort and ease

– Bi-material technology
– Easy to fold
– Ergonomic mouthpiece

The use of two materials with different textures eliminates any nuisance on the nape of the neck area besides ensuring flexibility during its use, without creating interruptions on the airflow. The ergonomic design is highly hydrodynamic, reducing vibrations and noises during movements. Thanks to the cooperation with a highly recognized Italian orthodontic lab, Mares has developed the most suitable snorkel for extended use.

Hydrex Family

hydrex-family– Hydrodynamic and ergonomic shape
– Anti-Splash top prevents water entry
– Orthodontic silicone mouthpiece

100% Superdry top (patented) corrugated silicone hose and lower purge valve for instant purging.
Designed to provide completely dry breathing for both divers and snorkelers. North American Snorkels feature transparent top.

Breezer Family

breezer-family– Great new attractive look
– Mouthpiece valve for fast purge
– Easy to fit

New Breezer snorkel complements Mares new Vizeer mask. The special technique of overmolding is used to create 5 soft touch areas on the snorkel. This combination of materials makes it easy to position, even when wearing thick gloves. Available in a wide range of colors at a surprisingly low price.