Carbon 42

Extreme performance, Light weight

– Second stage case 100% SMC carbon (Sheet Molding Compound Technology)
– 65% lighter than a metal second stage
– Maximum thermal conductivity

Advanced technology and light weight! The Carbon 42 is destined to become an object of desire for divers who demand the best in performance under all conditions! In fact, it combines in a single item all the Mares Regulator technologies with the lightest weight possible. The use of an extremely soft and light “superflex” hose makes it the lightest and most versatile regulator on the market. The incredible thermal conductivity of the carbon second stage makes this regulator perfect for diving in particularly cold water.

Abyss 22 Nitrox

The evolution of the Mares hero also dives with Nitrox

– 100% Oxygen compatible, out of the box
– Front cover with metal insert and Mesh-Grid
– New hose protector for better heat exchange

Tested and approved in accordance with European standard EN13949, Abyss 22 Nitrox is compatible with oxygen mixes up to 100% O2 and is equipped with a dedicated connection, in conformity with European standard EN144-3. The new Abyss Nitrox is also available in Octopus version.

Proton 42 Metal

– Super-compact first stage
– Maximum performance in minimum volume
– Superflex hose
The advanced performance and optimum arrangement of hoses in the MR42T, along with the Proton Metal second stage with oversized purge button, makes the regulator ideal for both travel and dives in cold water.

Proton 42 Metal She Dive

The first regulator dedicated to women

– The only regulator exclusively for female divers
– Maximum performance in minimum volume
– Jax mouthpiece standard

The elegance of the She Dives line in a light regulator with unbeatable performance, even in cold water.

Abyss 42

Rugged dependability

– The latest evolution of the Mares hero second stage
– The most compact high performance first stage
– The best possible performance from both stages

Abyss has long been a staple name in high performance, and now it is available with the elite first stage MR42T: the best for a unique high caliber set up. The design of Abyss second stage has evolved, now with more metal on the front cover and a special perforated hose protector, to achieve even further dependability in the most difficult diving conditions.


The regulator that beats every record, now even lighter

– Record-setting performance
– Lighter new version of the most famous Mares first stage
– Softer and lighter new hose

Abyss gained its reputation for reliability by setting many diving records, such as the deepsolo-dive to -313m and 101 divers breathing simultaneously for 40min from a single MR22 first stage. Our tradition for excellence keeps on evolving due to our new engineering and design.
All Metal, more performance, more reliability… more Abyss.

Prestige 22 DPD

Unbeatable safety, advanced technology, and great value!

– Very easy and natural breathing
– New yoke, 15% lighter and more compact
– Dive Pre-Dive System

A modern new look for a medium-sized technopolymer second stage featuring cutting-edge technology. The special shape of the internal baffle, coupled with the VAD system, makes breathing easy and natural so it’s perfect for use at any depth.

Prestige 12s

Performance and reliability in a new compact and light first stage

– Performance and reliability in compact and light first stage
– Four pre-oriented LP ports
– Soft purge diaphragm with Mesh Grid

Prestige 12S, the regulator you want! More compact and even lighter, it achieves maximum compactness in the new DIN version.
The four low-pressure ports are pre-oriented and allow for optimum arrangement of the hoses, which are now even softer and lighter.
A medium-size second stage offers easy, natural, regular breathing.

Prestige 12s She Dive

The new Mares regulator dedicated to women

– Performance and lightness dedicated to women who dive
– Four pre-oriented LP ports
– New yoke, 15% lighter and more compact

The new compact and elegant 12S is now even lighter, and completes the line of regulators dedicated to women.

Rover 12

Performance, reliability and simplicity

– Unfailing reliability over time
– Oversized purge button
– Ideal for Diving Centers

Rover 12 is an excellent choice for intensive use at a Diving Center and for recreational divers who demand reliability. The balanced diaphragm first stage uses the Mares Tri‑material valve; the medium-size second stage features a cover made of soft material that makes it easy to push the purge button, even when wearing gloves. The latest technologies offer easy, natural, regular breathing.
For simplified maintenance, Rover can also be combined with the R2 piston first stage.

Rover 2S

Reliability, light weight and simplicity

– Light weight, sturdy and compact first stage
– Mid-size second stage
– Ideal for Diving Centers

The new Rover 2S is an excellent choice for intensive rental use in the Diving Centers and for all divers who want reliability! The new R2S first stage is the evolution of the piston regulator. A sandblasted finish to increase scratch resistance. The protection cover is designed to allow the installation of an RFID chip for rental use managed by dedicated PC software. Easy and reduced maintenance for INT and DIN version.

MR12 Rebel

A good, consistent, easy-breathing regulator. It is sturdy and highly-reliable with good performance.

MR12 First Stage
– Balanced diaphragm design
– DFC system (Dynamic Flow Control) which minimizes intermediate pressure drop during the inhalation phase.
– 2 High Pressure 7/16″ UNF ports
– 4 Low Pressure 3/8″ UNF ports

Rebel Second Stage
– Ultralight technopolymer technology
– VAD (Vortex Assisted Design). Regulators with the VAD system offer improved performance and allow for very natural breathing.
– Mesh grid