Essence Liquidskin

essence-liquidskinUnique design for a unique technology

– Great comfort and ample field of vision
– Quick-adjusting buckles on the skirt
– Light, foldable, easy to store

The Essence mask is the maximum expression of LiquidSkin technology. Silicone and glass come together and blend to create a mask that is truly one of a kind. Light and foldable, it has buckles on the skirt to offer a broad field of vision. All the features are orchestrated by the exclusive design, a synthesis of technology and aesthetics.

X-Vision Liquidskin

x-vision-liquidskinSimply unique. Incomparable

– 45% softer: unparalleled comfort
– 270% more elastic: highly adaptable
– Wide range of colors

The ultimate revolution. LiquidSkin meets the most popular mask in the world. The result is an incredible mask. The combination of two different type of silicone provides incomparable comfort.
The marks that are typically left on your face after a dive are mostly eliminated. Equalization is now much easier thanks to the super soft nose pocket.

X-Vision Liquidskin MID

x-vision-liquidskin-midSimply unique. Incomparable

– Highly adaptable, max comfort
– Increased fi eld of vision
– Ergo buckles

All the incredible benefits provided by the X-Vision LiquidSkin are now available for all those divers with a narrower face. The LiquidSkin family has an highly innovative look. Models come in a large offer of color-combinations made possible with the Bi-silicone Technology.

X-VU Liquidskin

x-vu-liquidskinComfort fit, best view

– 45% softer: unparalleled comfort
– Tricomfort technology
– 2-button buckles

The X-vu LiquidSkin is the first completely new 2-lense mask using LiquidSkin technology after the X-vision. Beyond the natural comfort provided by LiquidSkin skirt, an additional soft silicone part is injected in the nose area acting like an anti-shock bumper.
The 2-button buckles are brand new. Available by the end of the year together with the optical lenses.

Star Liquidskin

star-liquidskinLiquidSkin now available on the most compact mask

– LiquidSkin technology
– Low internal volume
– Ideal for apneist too

The geometry of the Star was optimized by greatly reducing the distance between the lens and the eyes, working with the angle of the glass and construction of the nose on the skirt. This allows for better vision and perception of distance. Merged with LiquidSkin technology, Star incorporates all the best solutions available on the market.


x-visionThe most popular mask in the world

– State of the art design
– New colors available
– Optical lens option

The success of this product derives from meticolous computer design and numerous optical tests. The central position of the eyes and the optimally angled windows provides the widest possible viewing angle in every direction. Quick-adjusting ergonomic buckles are positioned directly on the skirt.

X-Vision MID

x-vision-midThe most popular mask in the world

– Ergonomic buckles on the skirt
– Ideal for women, narrow faces, young divers
– Light weight

With all of the best selling features of the original, Mares has designed a smaller skirt that will bring the advantages of the X-Vision to a wider range of divers. MID size skirt – the latter is particularly suited for women and children. The new pink version is especially dedicated to female divers.


vizeer– Great new attractive look
– Easy to fit
– Buckles on the skirt

Vizeer is the new entry in Mares mask family. Its design is modern and functional. Over the frame, 5 soft plastic spots are overmolded. This will make it easier and faster to adjust the mask even when wearing thick gloves. Available in a wide range of colors. All benefi ts and a reasonable price.

Pure Vizeer

pure-vizeer– Wide fi eld of vision
– Packs fl at and is easy to store
– Easy to fit

A new mask to extend the Mares monolens family. All the same features of its sister, Vizeer, have been taken into this mask for the monolens’ fans. Its single-window design provides an incredibly wide field of view.

pure-visionPure Vision

Modern design and cutting-edge technical solutions. Superior field of vision thanks to the special shape of the lense, the reduced internal volume, and the central position of the eyes. Quick-adjusting buckles positioned on the skirt. Extremely comfortable skirt, made of soft, hypo-allergenic liquid silicone.


operaSimply and sturdy

– Traditional design
– Durable for travel
– Light weight

An expression of Mares tradition, with its rugged, durable construction, making this a good travel companion. Symmetrical lenses simplify the option to customize the mask with corrective lenses, which are available in a complete range from -1 to 7 diopters.


konaLightweight and compact

– Compact desigh
– Reasonably priced
– Buckles on the skirt

Low volume and soft silicone makes this mask easy to clear and extremely comfortable.
The simple and compact buckles mounted on the skirt make it fast and easy to adjust the strap. It’s an easy approach to water activities like diving and snorkeling, and it makes a very good companion at an economical mask.

Kona MID

kona-midLightweight and compact

– Child and small faces version
– Nice colors
– Ideal for snorkeling too

A smaller version designed for children and adults with small faces. Reduced size and soft silicone make the Kona Mid comfortable and lightweight. Unique strap design for secure and stable fit. Low internal volume for easy clearing.