Mission 1

Anti-shock elastomeric technopolymer case with a precise pressure gauge featuring a new easy to read display. Multiple attachment loops for perfect console positioning and underwater operations.

Mission 2

Analog console with pressure and depth gauges, offering a simple yet versatile design to interchange your analog depth gauge with the new compact Puck capsule computer for optional future upgrade.

Mission 2c

Analog console with pressure gauge and compass, optimally angles for reading pressure and compass data at the same time.

Mission 3

Analog console with pressure gauges, completed by a compact dedicated compass. Optimally angled shock resistant case for easy reading of gauges and compass at the same time. Option to later change the analog depth gauge with Puck computer capsule.

Wrist Compass

Wrist compass designed for a side and top reading featuring a scratch-resistant polycarbonate cover. Ergonomic soft strap in high-resistance technopolymer.

Handy Compass

Specially created to be attached to the BC, for use with a retractor. Case material: shock-resistant and scratch-resistant elastomeric technopolymer.

Drak USB

Ultra-compact USB interface. Illuminated information provides immediate indications about the status of the interface. Transferring data to a PC allows divers to view and manage their dive data and supplement it with additional information for a complete logbook. The dive simulator is a useful divertraining tool and analysis instrument.

Currently for use with Nemo Wide, Nemo Air, Puck computer line only.


The IRIS Infra-Red Interface System allows you to review and manage your dive data, supplementing it with additional information for a complete divelog. The dive simulator is a useful diver-training tool and analysis instrument.

For use with Nemo, Nemo Titanium, M2 RGBM (as well as Airlab, M1 RGBM, M1).