Diving Accessories

Diving Box

Ideal to store, protect, and transport your equipment before and after diving. 81x42x38cm.

Dry Box

Perfect to protect your items from water splash. 23x18x11cm.

Personal Dry Box

Compact dry box with laynard, perfect for small valuables.

Soft Weight belt

Four sizes. Ample pockets to hold multiple kg and stainless steel buckles.

Weight Belt

Weight belt with quick-release buckle in plastic. Blue.

Stainless steel belt

Weight belt with quick-release buckle in stainless steel. Black.

Multpurpose Hanger

A must for divers to store their equipment neatly organized when not in use.
From diving boots to gloves, from BCs to regulators, arranged to allow faster drying of your equipment.
Hook re-enforcement to accommodate especially heavy equipment

Drysuit Hanger

The ideal hanging solution for your drysuits. The upside down position allows the suit to dry quickly, and lets it ventilate properly during storage. Swiveling hook allows the suit to turn freely.

Lanyard stainless Spiral w/ring

Stainless steel spiral – end closing for secure fastening.

Lanyard spiral w/ring

Fasten your tourch best: flexibility.

Standerd retractor

– Ideal for fastening any kind of equipment you can’t afford to lose
– Stainless steel cord for heavy items
– Simple braking system for length adjustment

Whenever you want to be certain to hook something securely yet flexibly to your BC. The simple braking system is easy to operate by simply pushing with your thumb, no matter whether you wear thick gloves or not.
The stainless steel cord provides extension of more than 50 cm. Heavy-duty hooks on both sides.
Just Get Flexible

Console holder w/velcro

Holds tightly in place and releases when needed.

Lanyard M&F

Get buckled up – male or female.

Lanyard Open Loop

Ideal laynard for multifunctional use.

Magnatic Shaker

A special magnetic system makes it the ideal tool for getting heard only when you need.

Underwater Slate

– Bright white writing slate in a compact size
– Standard pen with silicone tube fastener than is easy to sharpen and replace after intensive use
– Simple attachment to your BC with a hook system

The perfect underwater-communication tool if you have more to say than usual
There are days when you have more to say than usual, or you want to write down what you have seen underwater while your dive buddies have already forgotten most of it.

Tool Kit

A simple kit to solve basic issues that can save your dive.

Hose retainer

360° swivel, and large metal hinge for easy attaching.

Air Nozzle

Optimize your tank, quick connect and disconnect to your LP hose. High power air gun to clean and dry.

Brass Air Nozzle

Connect to your LP hose. High power air gun to clean, dry, or as an inflator. Chrome plated brass for extra durability.