Icon HD

Incredible color, high definition dive

– High definition LCD color display
– Plug in and recharge wherever you are
– Upgradeable software, PC interface included
Introducing the all-new Icon HD to the market, Mares is bringing state-of-the-art consumer electronics technology to the underwater world. Flat screen televisions, cell phones, PDAs, notebook computers, all use an LCD display, the same technology that Mares is using for the Icon HD screen.

Air integration upgrade will be available from spring 2011.

Nemo Air

Integrate your world

– Stylish, compact, ergonomic design
– Wide display with superior readability and dot matrix insert
– Air integration measuring air-consumption in lt/min

Nemo Air brings you one step closer to ultimate perfection. Optimizing your bottom time based on your air consumption, it lets you get the maximum underwater enjoyment with peace of mind. Easyto-Use 3 push-buttons control interface. Matrix display insert. Multiple attachment loops. Option to
integrate dedicated compass.
Nemo Air is also equipped with a soft touch bag to store and protect your diving computer.

Nemo Wide

The best interface between man and sea

– Wide display with superior readability
– Ergonomic design and intuitive interface
– Upgradeable software
Nemo Wide was designed to be easy-to-read, intuitive to use, safe, and reliable. A large size display was one of the primary requirements behind its creation. In order to optimize readability in every circumstance, special attention was paid to the size and brightness of digits, to the backlight intensity and to maximizing the viewing angle.

Nemo Excel

The most complete watch-style dive computer

– Nemo evolution with highcontrast fl at display
– Preshaped ergonomic strap fi ts all wrist sizes
– 4 dive mode functions for all specifi c diver needs

All the great features of the original Nemo, now evolved with important upgrades: even tougher components, assembled by Swiss hi-tech production, for extreme durability. Upgraded mineral glass display, designed fl at and protected, features increased digit contrast and readability. Newly shaped strap forms more comfortably to your wrist.

Nemo Sport

– Light, durable and easy to use
– RGBM Sport algorithm for air and Nitrox dives
– Watch menu with alarm clock and dual time

The thermoplastic case and steel battery cover create a strong, light watch-style computer. Precise design and extraordinary attention to details have produced a sporty and elegant piece for everyday use.

Puck Wrist

Just Dive

– Complete RGBM dive computer at an economical value
– One button for easy operation
– Easy to equip on both wrist and console boots

The new Puck series computers are perfect for those in need of pure ease. A full function RGBM dive computer with larger digits for easy reading and backlight on demand. Single button to smoothly scroll through the menu options. Keep on your wrist or pop into one of the Puck consoles for maximum
mounting options.

Puck Air

Sleek, reliable, ergonomic, and easy to use

– Integrated pressure gauge and residual air time calculation
– Display Area with a dot matrix insert
– Air, Nitrox and Bottom Timer modes

The sporty and functional design includes all the information that enthusiasts can’t do without. With Puck Air as your guide, you’ll always know what to do. In particular, with the Easy Access System, navigating the computer menu has never seemed so easy!

Puck Consoles

Enjoy the versatility of Puck

– Puck computer in an ergonomic console
– New gauge display for easy readability
– Multiple attachment loops for fl exible attachment

Dive console consisting of the Puck computer
capsule and a compact easy-to-read pressure
gauge with chrome-plated brass body. The shock
resistant elastomeric technopolymer case has
been designed with optimized angles and shape
for maximum ergonomics. The central loop
hook, added to the side and frontal soft eyelets,
grants fl exible attachment