Cruise Back Pack Pro & She Dives

cruise-back-pack-proIdeal for travelers, well-groomed in every detail

– Telescopic handle
– Great maneuverability
– Backpack shoulder straps

The flagship of the new Mares Cruise collection.
Large and durable wheels, telescopic handle, external fin pocket, padded shoulder strap, stainless steel rivets, additional beauty case with mirror inside.
Additional nylon cover for added protection. Also available in She Dives version.

Weight: 5.69Kg
Dimension: 36.9×30.5×78.8 (cm)
Volume: 131.39L
Material: 600*6000 72T W/PVC; backing 0.6mm thickness; 4200 dobby 0.4mm thickness; basketball vinyl; nylon mesh

Cruise Cargo

cruise-cargoFrom divers for divers

– Rugged, durable construction
– Telescopic handle
– Internal soft lining

The Cruise Cargo has a hard external case, offering better protection for diving equipment. The inside is lined with an extremely soft material to add protection.
Its large size, strong wheels and telescopic handle make this bag extremely easy for dive travel.

Weight: 6.02Kg
Dimension: 40.7x25x77.5
Volume: 115.46
Material: 600*6000 72T W/PVC; backing 0.6mm thickness; 4200 dobby 0.4mm thickness; basketball vinyl; nylon mesh

Cruise Roller

cruise-rollerEasy foldable backpack with wheels

– Easy fold and store system
– Additional detachable briefcase included
– Heavy duty wheels

The main characteristic of this backpack with wheels is that it’s foldable.
In less than a minute the 128 liter (3.5 cu ft) capacity bag can be folded and transformed into a little business bag.
Includes two fi n pockets and two front pockets, the upper one is completely removable.

Weight: 3.57
Dimension: 40.7×25.4×81.3 (cm)
Volume: 128L
Material: 600*6000 72T W/PVC; backing 0.6mm thickness; 4200 dobby 0.4mm thickness

Cruise X-Strap & She Dive

cruise-x-strapDesigned to carry your equipment for a full day of diving

– Easily foldable
– Ideal for storing long blade fi ns
– Light weight

The perfect dimension for a short trip or a full day of diving. Mares new x-strap system allows traditional handles to be extended and attached to a metal hook creating shoulder straps to convert the bag into a backpack.
Available also in She Dives version.

Weight: 1.69Kg
Dimension: 68.6×29.9×30.5 (cm)
Volume: 87.9L
Material: 600*6000 62T W/PVC; backing 0.6mm thickness; 4200 dobby 0.4mm thickness

Cruise Classic

cruise-classicClassic, but far from common!

– The ideal bag for every use
– External fi n pocket with adjustable buckle
– Handle and shoulder straps for easy transport

The bag that meets all your needs! Sturdy and lightweight, it’s ideal for convenient storage of all the diving equipment you’ll need for a full day of diving. The external fi n pocket has adjustable buckles to hold the fi ns securely. The bag comes with a zippered sundries pocket that can carry personal items and your most delicate instruments.

Weight: 1.85Kg
Dimension: 82.5x30x35.5
Volume: 87.9L
Material: 12000/PVC polyester

Cruise Captain

cruise-captainThe ideal wheeled bag for divers who travel

– The ideal size to carry on board
– Telescopic handle
– Extremely lightweight

Cruise Captain is the ideal bag for divers who travel, but that’s not all! Its elescopic handle and sturdy wheels make it very convenient for travel, and thanks to its compact size it can be used as carry-on baggage. The expandadble pocket with zipper and side buckles offers plenty of room to conveniently stow diving equipment.

Weight: 3.17Kg
Dimension: 55x35x25
Volume: 48L
Sizes: 55x35x
Material: 600*6000/PU polyester; 4200/PVC dobby

Cruise Office

cruise-officeThe first briefcase for divers

– Notebook protection system
– Media space inside
– Mares fin key ring included

Ideal for business travel and for daily use.
Durable construction to better protect your office material like your laptop or your documents. Cruise Office contains more than 15 separate sections to better organize your stuff. Dedicated media space and an MP3 fast pocket allows you to walk and listen to your favorite music.

Weight: 1.72Kg
Dimension: 42×12.7×34.3 (cm)
Volume: 18.25L
Material: 600*6000 W/PVC backing 0.5mm thickness; 4200 dobby W/PVC; backing 0.4mm thickness; 2100 dobby PU*2 silver

Cruise Journey

cruise-journeyComfortable, soft. The helpful buddy

– Three frontal pockets plus two side pockets
– Detachable mobile phone pocket
– Extra soft backpack

The ideal buddy inspired by diving, its pockets are dedicated to properly store your logbook and your notebook. Highly rugged construction with spiral zips and metal pull tabs. One extra pocket is dedicated to store a water bottle. insideyou will also find the Mares fin key-holder.

Weight: 1.50Kg
Dimension: 30.8×21.6×40.7 (cm)
Volume: 27.02L
Material: 600*6000 W/PVC; backing 0.5 thickness; 4200 dobby W/PVC backing 0.4mm thickness

Cruise Mesh

cruise-meshFull mesh, this bag is the ideal bag to store your equipment after either scuba or apnea.
It is long enough to store even the longest fins in the market. It can be folded up in seconds, becoming a small round bag with a handle no bigger than a small “pizza”.

Weight: 0.67Kg
Dimension: 95.3×38.1×38.1 (cm)
Volume: 108.53L
Material: 600*6000 72T W/PVC backing 0.6mm thickness

Cruise Free Dive

cruise-free-diveIdeal for apnea equipment

A unique and functional bag with the necessary space to store mask, fins and snorkel, it is the ideal buddy for a snorkelling or apnea trip. its lenght accomodates even the longest apnea blades.

Weight: 0.77Kg
Dimension: 25x20x95 (cm)
Volume: 47.50L
Material: 600+6000 72T W/PVC backing 0.6mm thickness; non slippery basketball vinyl; 4200dobby W/PVC backing 0.4mm thickness

mesh-bagMesh Bag

Ideal for snorkelling equipment

The intelligent bag for transporting and rinsing equipment, kept in a practical anc compact sack.

Cruise Shell she dive

cruise-shell-she-diveStore and protect your professional equipment

Dedicated to female divers. Elegant regulator bag, coordinates with the She Dives Style. Suitable for protecting and transporting your regulator, computer, and most valuable instruments, as well as your personal effects.

Dimension: 18.32L
Material: PVC

Cruise Reg

cruise-regStore and protect your regulator

Stores and protects your most important equipment: at home, at the diving resort, or on the boat. A special compartment inside accomodates the Cruise Comp bag.

Dimension: 14.16L/
Material: PVC

Cruise Safety

cruise-safetyEverything you need to protect yourself

Velcro closure and reflective piping. The special rear fastening system and side hook make it easy to hook it to a belt and to equipment. Equipped with 10 meters of line, diver marker buoy, and a weight to make reeling out line fast and easy. The bag is complete with a reflective mirror.

Cruise Add-on

cruise-add-onThe indispensable additional hold-all pocket

Velcro closure and reflective piping. The special rear fastening system and side hook make it easy to hook to equipment. Includes an inner pocket that can be used for additional weight and an expandable mesh zippered pocket for sundry items.

Dry Bag

dry-bagFully waterproof sacks, ideal for keeping your clothing and equipment dry. Also excellent for water sports and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, rafting, boating and kayaking.

Dimension: 5L, 10L, 25L, 75L

Cruise Pearl

cruise-pearlPerfect for your Liquidskin mask

The Cruise Pearl is a small bag designed to store and protect your mask. Easy closure with Velcro strap, attaches to your belt.

Dimension: 2.20L
Material: PVC Polyester