B.C vest

Hub Avantgarde

Straightforward and practical, everything under control

– Original integrated system with AT
– Top quality BC, regulator & octopus
– Air Lock for fast easy tank attachment

A unique, completely integrated product. Great for travelling and keeping your gear organized on a boat.
HUB contoured backpack with built-in carrying handle. Protective transport case where you can store mask, snorkel, lightweight wetsuit and small accessories

Dragon AT

Control, comfort and style

– Airtrim for fast and intuitive buoyancy control
– Trim Weights and MRS Plus
– Internal plush lined with comfortable padded neoprene neck collar

Drysuit or No Suit. Designed for people who want fast and easy buoyancy control, security, comfort, and style. Dragon AT offers the comfort of a full jacket style BC using the streamlined Dragon bladder that features excellent buoyancy lift without being bulky. Further protected by 3D Alutex: metal woven thread wrapped around 600 denier nylon.


Security and streamlined comfort

– Internal plush lined with comfortable padded neoprene neck collar
– Adjustable elastic cummerbund with Quick Adjust System
– Trim Weights and MRS Plus

Conceived and designed for divers who want security, comfort, and style. Dragon offers top-notch levels of comfort and high lift capability while keeping a streamlined shape. Fully equipped for the most demanding divers, Dragon also features 3D Alutex protection and abrasion-resistant mesh.

Vector 1000 AT

Excellent buoyancy, impressive convenience and high performance make Vector BC suitable for any situation.

– Integrated weights with mechanical release system (MRS)
– Air trim system: perfect buoyancy control, great safety and increased comfort during the dive
– Trim weight system. The option to store fixed rear weights, up to 5 lbs per pocket (2 pockets), makes it – – – possible to adjust buoyancy in the water as needed
– Quick Adjustable System, for quick and precise cummerbund adjustment
– Two three-dimensional pockets whose internal volume remains constant regardless of bag inflation
– Twin Exhaust Valve System
– The special backpack protection can be used in two positions depending on the divers needs
– Upper quick dump/over-expansion relief valve, with a control that is always readily accessible and easy to use
– Manual quick dump/over-expansion relief rear valve
– Two rear quick dump/over-expansion relief valves

Kaila AT

The benefits of AT system dedicated to women

– BPS Plus. Dual-position lumbar backpack
– Self-draining pockets with zip and 5 metallic D-Rings
– Internal Trim Weight pockets and MRS Plus

A BC designed by women for women. A unique fit, designed and conceived to make diving incredibly comfortable for women. This year, all the features of the Ergo Inflator version are now also available in the Airtrim version. The Mares patented system of pneumatic valves makes it possible to fill or empty the BC regardless of your position in the water.


Designed by women for women

– Fashionable design with female dedicated cut
– Internal plush lining with padded neoprene neck collar
– Dual adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate various torso lengths

Kaila means “Style” in Hawaiian. The elegant female diver who wants function and comfort allied with style and distinction wants Kaila. The sleek Dragon bladder design positions some air towards the back providing ample lift. Slender front shape gives comfortable surface floatation, without the balloon sensation.


– Female shaped shoulder harness with removable chest strap
– Very lightweight with great lift in all sizes
– Plush lined padded neoprene collar

Aliikai, means “Queen of the Sea” in Hawaiian. Thanks to its lightweight and foldable structure, Aliikai is the perfect women’s BC for traveling, with a size, shape, and style dedicated to women: high lift capacity backmounted BC, with comfort padded backpack, metal D-rings, MRS included and one roll up zippered pocket.


Innovation in the travel BC

– Great buoyancy lift
– Quick-Pak system
– Plush lined padded
neoprene collar

In today’s world of travel we are strictly confi ned by airline weight restrictions and the need to limit luggage dimensions. Thanks to the Quick-Pak system, Icon is the ideal BC for traveling, satisfying all divers’ needs: high lift, comfort padded backpack, metal D-rings, MRS, dual position adjustable chest strap and one roll up zippered pocket.

Prestige mrs plus

Dedicated to people who aren’t willing to compromise on anything

– New bladder with increased lift capacity (20.5kg/200N)
– Long backpack with handle and padded backpack cover
– Self-draining 3D pockets and rear Trim Weights

The big innovation in Prestige is a completely new bladder made of Cordura. Comfortable, enveloping, and featuring incredible lift capacity. Numerous details make this a sought-after BC – not just its unique look, but above all, performance. The integrated MRS plus weights, the rear Trim Weight pockets, and many other benefits you’ll never tire of discovering.


Design and performance without compromise

– 50mm abdominal closure and dual-adjustment chest closure
– 4 steel D-rings, 30° angle
– Anatomical shoulder straps with Airnet padding

Robust and sturdy thanks to a masterful combination of different kinds of Cordura. Carefully crafted down to the smallest detail. The long backpack with handle for better stability, the large self-draining three-dimensional pockets, the bladder with its enveloping fit, the adjustable cummerbund, the backpack cover, and the padded shoulder straps are a few of the features designed to provide complete comfort. Enjoy Diving.


Keep it simple

– Great buoyancy lift
– Lightest weight and sturdy materials
– Secure placement with crotch straps

Further simplicity for an even lighter weight BC. High lift backmounted construction with pre-shaped shoulder straps and dual position adjustable chest strap for best fit. Heavy-duty technopolymer D-rings. Removable double crotch strap. MRS included. Roll up zippered pocket. That’s all you need
to simply travel and dive.

Origin sport AT

– Economical Airtrim jacket with MRS Plus
– Flexible fi t and adjustment
– Resistant to wear and tear

Airtrim technology combined with a careful selection of materials, to ensure prolonged resistance to abrasion and UV rays at a price all can enjoy. Optional ergo inflator implementation ideal for instructors to demonstrate both ergo and Airtrim buoyancy control.


– UV protected Cordura 1000
– Adjustable cummerbound
– High buoyancy

The Rover BC has been studied in any single detail to be the most rugged and “off road” Mares BC. The Cordura 1000 is not subject to color fading and provides superior toughness. Custom shaped pockets keep the octopus and instruments close at hand.Heigh adjustable shoulder buckles to fit a variety of body shapes.