High-performance competitive athletes insist on specific characteristics for their goggles.
Hydrodynamic low-profile frames, 180-degree peripheral vision, superb comfort and a secure fit.
The mirror effect gives a special “super fast” look.


A growing category particularly with triathletes and all open water enthusiasts in all kinds of conditions, around the globe. Open water sports require equipment with specific properties: extreme conditions demand a secure seal – produced by HEAD’s innovative strap adjustment. SuperSoft seals ensure ultimate comfort and a leak-proof fit. Larger, specially prepared lenses provide superb vision. Looks are a key factor and HEAD’s Italian designers will not disappoint!


The performance models are a combination of technologies to meet the requirements of both competitive and active swimmers, who compete on a regular basis.
HEAD LiquidSkin eyewear offers superb quality, low-profile eyewear, high-quality PC lenses with excellent peripheral vision, comfort, fit and a new design.


Durable and functional eyewear is just as important in training sessions as in competition.
HEAD LiquidSkin eyewear took leading-edge technology to superbly designed, nonetheless affordable, eyewear that supports active swimmers in their training discipline.
LiquidSkin eyewear training models offer many of the attributes of the performance models in design, fit, comfort and security – so you can be confident in selecting LiquidSkin eyewear right across the collection.


Easily adjustable, secure fit and utmost comfort is a prerequisite for the young aspiring swimmer, whose confidence in the water still needs to grow.
HEAD LiquidSkin eyewear designers pay attention to this fact and use soft, comfortable materials that provide a watertight fit for all models.
High-quality PC lenses with anti-fog treatment, UV-protection and split straps to secure the goggles across two points on the junior swimmer’s head.
We chose vivid colours to encourage young swimmers to wear protective eyewear. Having fun and at the same time protecting their sensitive eyes in today’s highly chlorinated pools.