DOUBLE SPLICE 27  Creating exclusive and innovative swimwear products requires talent and expertise to blend unique product design and the latest materials.

For the LiquidSkin swimwear collection, HEAD’s young Italian design team combined the Italian flair for design and HEAD’s quality production – with the aim of helping both competitive athletes and active swimmers to perform at their peak.

The HEAD LiquidSkin swimwear collection applies outstanding, exclusive designs to the very latest materials with the objective of creating ultimate quality, performance and comfort for all customers‘ needs.

The “Liquid POWER” racing models offer a comprehensive range of male and female silhouettes in a lightweight, high-compression fabric, ideal for competitive athletes.


stealth-mirroredProducing functional, high-quality eyewear requires the expertise of accomplished and creative designers who have a wealth of experience within aquatic sports and value the importance of style, quality, fit and comfort.

HEAD’s Italian Aquatic Design Team created a collection of exclusive and exceptional designs to “out-perform” existing products on the market.

HEAD utilize the latest high-tech materials and production methods to ensure that all LiquidSkin Eyewear designs offer ultimate comfort and fit.

Quality materials and attention to detail guarantees flexible, lightweight and durable eyewear with sleek, hydrodynamic profiles and a secure seal.

HEAD eyewear features anti-fog treated polycarbonate lenses with UV-protection. The new colour-coded packaging indicates the product’s “ideal use“, making it easier for the customer to find his or her perfect goggles.