Octopus Holders

Octo Clip

Safe octopus attachment and quick side release buckle

Hose Holder

Heavy duty clip with swivel for secure attachment to your B.C.D. or harness of gauge and octopus.
Colours: Black, Blue and Yellow.

Hose Clip

Beaver Hose Clip For secure attachment of gauges and octopus.

Octo necklas holder

This handy flexible silicone loop ensures your octopus remains in a convenient location, ready for use at any time.

Octo Ball

With split ring & plastic snap hook for safe attachment of octopus.

Regulator Protection Plug

Durable flexible plug which fits inside regulator mouthpeice to prevent contamination from debris.

Mouthpiece Octopus Holder

For secure octopus attachment, with split ring and plastic snap hook.
Colours: Yellow.